Osteopathy is a primary care profession. It focuses on total body health by treating dysfunctions at its origin found within the musculoskeletal, neurological, vascular and visceral systems.

The different parts of the body are designed to function together, so if one part or system of the body is restricted, then the rest of the body will be forced to adapt and compensate. This could alter the function of the affected structure, resulting in pain and in the long term possible serious health conditions. Therefore, by improving the movement of restricted areas, it allows the body’s self-healing mechanism to function, thus relieving pain process and providing opportunity for the body to heal itself.

Osteopathy is complementary to conventional medical treatment. Based on its philosophic approach, osteopathy is not only curative but has also a place in prevention. The osteopath always keeps it in mind while treating as well as his in depth knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the human body.

To restore balance between the different systems, the osteopath uses different approaches according to the patient’s age, sex, presenting complain, medical history and personal history.

Who is it for ?

Osteopathy is of great benefit at any age: